Topic: Unitarian Universalism

Whose Justice is It?

The second Principle of Unitarian Universalism guides us to “justice, equity and compassion in human relations.” In these complex times, the meaning of justice and equity will be considered.

Reverence and Repairing the World

Sunday Service begins at 11:00 AM – Livestreamed
Wendell Berry writes, “it is only on the condition of humility and reverence before the world that our species will be able to remain in it.” It is out of such reverence that the desire to repair the … read more.

The Assault on Reason

From fake news and alternative facts to conspiracy theories and deception, it seems that reason is under attack like never before. As a religious tradition that values human reason as a means of understanding our existence, how are we Unitarian Universalists called to respond?

Hot Topics in Unitarian Universalism

Come find out about all the happenings at the 2021 Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly, which was held virtually in June. Where are we going as a faith tradition? What are we struggling with? What are our successes in a very difficult year?

Live Stream
We will … read more.

Ask the Minister

Do you have a question about Unitarian Universalism, religion, or any aspect of life? Try asking the minister! In this service, Rev. Chris will attempt to answer whatever question may be on your mind. If you’d like to submit your question early, email … read more.