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Who can make a sandwich? …Or 10 or 50?
U2C3 Social Justice – Lunch Bag Makers Needed

U2C3 is committed to providing sandwiches on the 4th Sunday of every month. The social justice group needs your help to make sandwich bags for our unsheltered friends and neighbors.  We can help provide supplies and support.  You can make as many sandwich bags as you want. This is a great family, spousal or single activity for a Saturday afternoon.  We will pick up and deliver.  

Contributions of food items such as bread, peanut butter, jelly, healthy snacks, and sturdy fruit like apples and oranges are being collected on an ongoing basis. Please contact Joann Raskin at raskinjoann@gmail.com for more information or to plan a drop-off/pick-up.

*Unsheltered Voices is the U2C3 Community Ministry focused on building relationships between the unhoused community and our congregation through listening, presence, and food. Learn more here.

Other events U2C3 members have frequently participated in

Transgender Day of remembrance, Pride Events across town, Martin Luther King, Jr. march, the International Women’s Day March, the Cesar Chavez March, and other events promoting peace and justice, reproductive rights, concerts raising awareness about the death penalty and the environment, radical inclusion and more.

Additional Resources

Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry (TXUUJM)
TXUUJM is a statewide justice ministry that raises the voice of Unitarian Universalist values in the public arena and seeks to have those values enacted into legislation and promulgated in public policy. Guided by Unitarian Universalist principles, TXUUJM educates and organizes member congregations, and partners with sympathetic organizations, in order to advocate effectively for public policies.

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)
Through a potent combination of advocacy, education, and partnerships with grassroots organizations, UUSC supports programs and policies that empower women, defend the rights of children and support the struggles of indigenous people and oppressed racial and ethnic groups. We also provide financial and technical support when disasters strike impoverished areas.

Unitarian Universalist Association Social Justice
Information about current social justice issue priorities within the UUA, as well as links to social justice statements and other social justice resources.