Story for all ages (SFAA) – The Golden Rule by Ilene Cooper

Please enjoy this story for all ages from our children’s Religious Exploration time. Children’s R.E. meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays during the summer months at 9:00 am and on Zoom. For more information, please email Hanna Kiely, Director of Religious Exploration at for more information. You can find the rest of our SFAA recordings here.

A Religious Exploration Lesson for All Ages – Mindful Moments with Hanna Kiely, DRE

Many of us experience things that make us worry and that can be a lot to handle somedays in this ever-changing world. Let us find out together some ways we might deal with our worries.

The Quest of the Rainbow Dragons

The Quest of the Rainbow Dragons is at its end. If you have not had a chance to listen to this 28 chapter,  all-ages UU adventure story, now’s the time before it goes away! We have moved into our 7th Principle, Violet: Value our home, earth, that we share with all living things. All 28 Chapters are available, enjoy! 

The Quest of the Rainbow Dragons, written by UU Rev. Elizabeth Stevens, is a 28-part fantasy and adventure story built around our 7 UU Principles. Each installment will be read aloud by our Director of Religious Exploration, Hanna Kiely, and is about 10 – 13 minutes long.

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Acts of Service All-ages Advent

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Videos for All-Ages

Planet Earth
Our Planet: Fresh Water
Our Planet: From Deserts to Grasslands (51 Minutes)
Our Planet: Forests (48 minutes)
Our Planet: Jungles (51 minutes)
The World’s Weirdest Creatures (52 Minutes)
Our Planet: One Planet (49 minutes)

Animals Building Skills (50 minutes)
Bizarre Animal Appearances (50 minutes)
Baby Hippo Fiona, Cincinnati Zoo
Giant Pacific Octopus
Eastern Gray Kangaroo
Giant Pandas
Green Tree Pythons


We Shall Be Known
We Would Be One
Tomorrow (performed at UUA Virtual General Assembly)
Spirit of Life All Souls Virtual Choir
We Shall Be Known
Love Reaches Out

Music for our Earth
Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)
Earth: Believe
Love Song to the Earth
Heal the World—incredible tribute to amazing child musicians
“Colors of the Wind”
“Mother Nature to Music of Hans Zimmer” (from Disney Fantasia)

From our Hymnal and Other Collections
“Rainbow Connection”
“Come, Come, Whoever You Are
“This Little Light of Mine”
“Sing When the Spirit Says Sing”
“Try A Little Kindness”
“Spirit of Life”
“Let It Be a Dance”
“Gathered Here”
“Come, Sing A Song With Me” (from our UU hymnal)
“De Colores” (Joan Baez)
“Room At the Table” (Carrie Newcomer)
“Planting Seeds” (Empty Hands Music)
“What A Wonderful World” (Playing for Change)


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Stories for preschool age
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