If you have already pledged, thank you! There’s no need to do anything further. If not, please read below:

Just like the emergency and medical professionals who have been making brave and life-saving efforts in the era of Covid-19, we are asking you to be a U2C3 First Responder—to provide the vital, life-sustaining support to keep our church and its mission alive during these challenging times.

We need YOU to ensure the health of our church and its mission. We lost a number of members this year to moves and even death. Not being able to meet in person has cut off our pipeline of new members, resulting in a projected $20,000 budget gap for 2021. Help us crush the “Covid gap” by joining the U2C3 First Responder Society. We are seeking 20 families that have the means to increase their pledge by $1,000 this year ($83.33 per month) — with no commitment to maintaining this increase in future years. If increasing your pledge by $1,000 is not possible, we hope you will still consider an increase if it’s available to you. Increasing your existing pledge by 20% or increasing your giving by $50, or even $25 per month will go a long way toward keeping our congregation and its mission healthy.

If you need to know your current (2020) pledge amount, please email contact@uucorpus.org.

We look forward to receiving your pledge form!

Pledge Instructions:
1) Read the printable pledge brochure here
2) Fill out a pledge form:
Use this easy, online form
Print and mail this form
3) If you would like to set up AUTO PAYMENT, please print and mail this form.

Mailing Address:
Unitarian Universalist Church of Corpus Christi
6901 Holly Rd.
Corpus Christi, Texas 78414

Help us to continue to respond to the world with radical:

Our world desperately needs these UU values right now. At a time when many are feeling excluded, de-humanized, and afraid, our church and its mission is a refuge—but only with your help.