At U2C3, our dedication to service is a cornerstone of our support for the myriad ministries flourishing within our community. Our mission is to ensure that our premises remain well-maintained and inviting for both long-standing members and newcomers alike.

The Building and Grounds Team shoulders the responsibility for the care and maintenance of U2C3’s physical property. This includes tasks such as landscaping, cleaning, painting, and general repairs. Their tireless efforts are essential in guaranteeing that our building and surrounding grounds are secure, spotless, and hospitable for every member and visitor.

The Building and Grounds Team welcomes individuals interested in volunteering their time to assist with these vital tasks. Volunteering with this team offers a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community and create a tangible impact at U2C3. The team is seeking volunteers who can contribute once or twice per month, depending on their availability.

To become part of the Building and Grounds Team, interested individuals should reach out to our Grounds Coordinator, Kirk Newport, at They will provide comprehensive information about the team’s activities and how to get involved, which may include filling out a form or signing a waiver.

Volunteering with the Building and Grounds Team is not only a fantastic way to meet new people but also an avenue to acquire new skills and make a meaningful contribution to our community. It’s an ideal opportunity for those seeking a hands-on and practical approach to giving back. So, if you’re eager to dedicate your time and talents to preserving U2C3’s property, please contact the administrator at the provided email for further details.

All members and friends are warmly invited to join the endeavors of the Building and Grounds Team.