We welcome and affirm people of all abilities. We have taken the following steps to ensure that no one is excluded from full participation in the life of our church:


Our sanctuary and religious education classrooms are fully accessible to those using wheelchairs, walkers, or those with limited mobility.

Bariatric Accommodations

We understand the diverse needs of our community, and we strive to make our church accessible to everyone. In addition to the existing accommodations, we are pleased to announce that we have bariatric chairs available for those who require them. These chairs are designed to provide comfort and support for individuals with larger body sizes, ensuring that everyone can fully participate in the life of our church.


Large-print hymnals and Orders of Service are available upon request. Please ask any usher for assistance.


During all church meetings and workshops, anyone wishing to speak from the audience is strongly encouraged to use portable microphones, so those who are hard of hearing are not excluded. Just raise your hand to have one brought to you.

Children with Special Needs

If you want your child to participate in the religious education program and feel that they may require special accommodation, please contact the Director of Religious Education in advance so the best possible arrangements can be made.

Pastoral Care

We provide pastoral care to all members, regardless of ability. To build a beloved community, the volunteers on the compassionate living care team receive special training to assist those who may feel unwelcome, patronized, or marginalized because of their disability. They may not be able to fully remedy every situation, but they can provide a compassionate ear and a willingness to enlist the help of others. If you have a hidden disability that you think it’s important for someone to know, please contact a member of the pastoral care team to share your information in confidence.

Service Animals

We have grassy areas where service animals may relieve themselves.


If you have any questions not answered or concerns not addressed, please contact the church administrator to seek further information.