COVID-19 Breakthrough Infection

Let’s Be Careful and Stay Safe

One of our congregants has recently contracted COVID-19, even though they were fully vaccinated. We share this experience to remind everyone that although rare, breakthrough infections do happen. Continuing to take precautions like masking and limiting physical contact still make a big difference in keeping everyone healthy.

It is highly unlikely that the congregant contracted the virus at church or passed it on at church when they last attended on July 11th. The congregant did not have symptoms until July 19th, after which they tested positive. According to their physician, with an average incubation period of 3-7 days, the congregant was likely infected with COVID-19 after July 11th and most likely by an unvaccinated person. The affected congregant is currently resting at home with no need for hospitalization. If you or another member of your household contracts COVID-19, please notify the church at