How to Take Part in Live Chats

*You must be logged in to YouTube and Subscribed to our channel to join in the chat feature.

Instructions if you already have a Google account.
1. Visit YouTube. If you do not see your Google account icon at the top right of the screen, click the Sign In button. To set up a YouTube account, log in with your Google username/email. 
2. Go to the U2C3 Youtube Channel and click the Subscribe button.
3. To post in live chat, come back to our channel at 11:00 am on Sunday and find the Sunday service live video feed at the top of the page. Open the video. You will see the live chat to the right of the streaming video. Click where it says “Live Chat” and begin typing. Then, click the send (>) icon.

If you do not have a Google account or a YouTube channel, visit the Google support page and create a Google account. Then continue with steps 1-3 above.

Things to remember

  • It takes a little time (10-15 minutes) to set up a YouTube channel from scratch, so plan to do this in advance of the live session.
  • You must be logged into your YouTube account to live chat, even if you are viewing the Live Lessons stream on our website.