The Recovery Collective- Taking Donations

A Texas Non Profit created by Eli Poore and Angela Leach to promote recovery from substance use disorders.

We are a nonprofit recovery community organization who meets weekly with individuals that are homeless, or near homeless, and many individuals that think the world has given up on them. We listen, we share what we know, and we show care and compassion.

Our Goals

*Loving people that have lost love for themselves.

*Creating bridges between those that are still using and the community that cannot be whole without them.

*Saving lives by teaching overdose prevention, distributing Narcan and Naloxone.

*Providing clean injection materials and safe disposal.

*Advocating for decriminalization and treatment of substance use disorders

*Building trust, hope, and compassion.

We would like to invite you to assist and support as you feel called. We are seeking donations for harm reduction materials and basic medical supplies. We are working with a purchasing co-op, and listing the co-op price beside some items. Feel free to either donate money for co-op purchases or donate the items listed below. We will set up a collection station at the church and will distribute items on Sundays at Artesian Park and through a homeless encampment downtown. Thank you for your compassion and generosity!

Requested Items:
Tampons/pads (18 in a box for $.4.24 or 108/case for $25.45)
Non-stick gauze pads (multiple sizes)
Spray bottles for saline
Dark spray bottle for peroxide
Sharps containers (1 qt red base locking lid, 80 for $88.00 or 1 for $1.11)
Single-dose Pepto or similar antacid (unopened)
Alcohol prep pads med (200 individual for $1.35 0r 4,000 for $27.00)
Medical tape
Face shields
Face Masks
Bug Spray
Insect repellent wipes
Wound closure strips
Round tip medical scissors
Drawing salve, Condoms
Hydrocortisone ointment
½ inch 30 cc syringes (100 for $8.25)
Moisture resistant medical duct tape (1 roll for $7.21)