Speaker: Rev. Chris Hockman

Where Does Hate Come From?

Many of us are confounded by the appeal of hate groups and what appears to be a re-emergence of them in our country. Let’s examine the origins of hateful behaviors and attitudes in human beings. What causes this hate, how is it perpetuated, and what … read more.

Widening the Circle: Congregations and Communities

Join us for the next chapter of the UUA Commission on Institutional Change Report. Many of our congregations are in trouble, with dwindling membership, participation, and financial contributions. A factor that contributes to this decline is our inability to address issues of inclusion, equity, and … read more.

What’s Going On? What do we do now?

Looking ahead to the Sunday after Election Day, we’re not sure exactly what to expect. Will there be civil unrest? Will the election be contested? Will we even know who won? Living with uncertainty appears to be the new normal. This service will focus on … read more.

In Case of Emergency. . . Read This

Recently, a group of UU ministers was asked to share the “bottom line” sacred writings they turn to when in great need. Find out about the various wisdom writings that grounding and solace to Unitarian Universalists. What are the words that anchor you in times of … read more.

Strategies for Happiness

So far in the sermon series on happiness we’ve learned a lot about behaviors that will increase our happiness. Now it’s time to talk about how we can intentionally put these strategies into practice and build habits that lead to greater happiness. Join in to hear about the importance of our surroundings, effective goal setting, and how to enjoy “time affluence.”

Finding Meaning in the Mission

An interactive, discussion-based service

In this service, participants will have the chance to discuss what brings meaning to their lives, and what makes our church meaningful in their lives as well. In this kickoff to our annual pledge drive, find out how you can help provide … read more.