Interested in Chatting?

U2C3 now has even more ways to be together or chat!

If you would like to participate, download the WhatsApp app or the Discord app on your phone or open them on your web browser.

Here are some links:

WhatsApp U2C3 Members and Friends
(This is an unmoderated chat for discussing whatever strikes your fancy!)

WhatsApp Community Chat – Public
(This is a moderated discussion)

U2C3 Discord Server
(Similar to Community Chat Rooms from the ’90s. This is a closed server)

So far we have a channel for “general” topics and a channel specifically for “gaming”. If you would like to participate, but aren’t sure how, contact Christy Stockman, church president and she will be happy to walk you through it. You can reach her at (361) 815-8334 or