What Is the Best Ethical System? Part 2

An ethical system is a group of related beliefs about how to determine what actions are good or evil. The question is, what is the best ethical system? Jayson partly answered this question in the first of this two-sermon series, explaining why he prefers a … read more.

A Religious Odyssey on … Netflix?

Mon Dieu!  The COVID-19 pandemic led to an unintended viewing of multiple documentaries, each centered around a different religious tradition.  What lessons can these stories bring to Unitarian Universalists?  Come in person or tune in on the Livestream to find out.

Live Stream
We will no longer be running our … read more.

Hot Topics in Unitarian Universalism

Come find out about all the happenings at the 2021 Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly, which was held virtually in June. Where are we going as a faith tradition? What are we struggling with? What are our successes in a very difficult year?

Live Stream
We will … read more.

Schism and Success: Universalism in the Later 1800s

Let’s pick up where we last left off on our journey through Universalist history. Find out about the aftermath of Hosea Ballou’s A Treatise on Atonement that articulated Universalist theology for the 19th century. What was all the controversy about? What made Universalism the sixth-largest denomination in … read more.