Speaker: Hanna Kiely

Flower Ceremony

This Mother’s Day, we resume our annual Flower Ceremony, a beautiful and distinctly Unitarian Universalist ritual of spring. Join us for this multi-generational worship service in which our sanctuary will be filled with flowers, and our hearts will be filled with joy and gratitude. Don’t … read more.

Earth Day – All Ages Service

Our Unitarian Universalist Principles affirm that all life is interwoven and interconnected. That interdependence moves us to a sense of awe and invites us to care for the life that moves among us. Come celebrate with us, our place in this earthly home. Bring with … read more.

Just an Ordinary Day

You may think there’s nothing special about January 30 – that it’s just an ordinary day. But there’s really no such thing as an ordinary day. Jan. 30 is the birthday of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and musician Phil Collins. It’s also the last day … read more.

Honoring Our Seniors

Many religions and cultures have rites of passage for youth that signify a transition to adulthood. Now is our chance as Unitarian Universalists to celebrate six of our graduating high school seniors: Narra P., Dante P., Gabe R., Amelia T., and Isabelle G. Help us … read more.

Beltane: Honoring Earth

In these challenging times, many of us look to our spiritual connection with nature and how that relationship nurtures and sustains us as we seek to heal a broken world.

The Twelve Days of Winter

Join us for our online pageant that celebrates twelve different winter holidays from a host of different world traditions. Let’s gather to learn about and celebrate the many observances that bring people together during wintertime.