The Mystery of Transition: From Here to There – What We See When We Listen

Join Martha as she shares her transformative journey from widowhood to doula, offering insights into the transition from life to death. Explore the role of community support and delve into the poignant moments of ‘the in-between’ as Martha sheds light on this sacred journey. This presentation invites us to embrace transitions with grace and compassion.

Martha Heymann is a Certified End-of-Life Doula, a Grief, and Mourning Coach, and an Advanced Care Planning Educator. She hosts intimate Death Over Dinner Game Nights and co-facilitates a monthly Death Café at local coffee shops. Born in Fort Worth, she was adopted and raised here. Although she has lived in other places, she raised her children here after the death of her husband in 1993. Today, she will introduce a conversation around what happens as we humans move from here to there,’ as she says. She will share some of her experiences in witnessing this mystery, which many fear. She will also hang around for a little while after our service to answer any questions that may arise for anyone.

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