Opening the Overton Window: Getting a Wider and More Honest View of Politics

Join Tim Loya as he discusses the Overton window, US versus Global politics, and how people often conflate economics and politics. Tim will attempt to widen our view on the political spectrum, including the most commonly accepted current model as well as an emerging model that may prove to be more accurate. He will also talk about the National Intelligence Council, their findings, and what possible futures we may have as a nation in the face of growing global crises.

Tim Loya served as a US Marine from 1999 to 2005, experiencing both the peacetime, and war-time, military.  He studied Political Science at Seattle Central College and Global Policy Studies at the LBJ School in Austin where he focused on the role US Special Operations have on foreign governmental policy.  He has authored such papers as “Why CocaCola is more likely to be responsible for World War 3 than Nuclear Proliferation”, and “BRICS and the Recolonization of Africa and its impact on Global Stability”.  He has contributed to reports to US Special Operations Command, US Army Futures Command, and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.