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U2C3 2022 Annual Pledge Drive

People often ask Unitarian Universalists what holds our religion together – what is the “glue” for those with such diverse theological beliefs? One answer is covenant – our mutual agreement on how we will be together, acknowledging our interdependence. Another answer is our Seven Principles, a list of values that we covenant to affirm and promote as Unitarian Universalists. Yet, there is one more answer:


In the words of UU theologian Rev. Dr. Thandeka, “Our liberal faith tradition encourages us to embrace persons rather than creeds, and so we endeavor ever anew as Unitarian Universalists to love others beyond their own beliefs. It is the major source of our religious unity and our theological diversity.”

Love Beyond Belief is our unique offering to the Coastal Bend Community, and we need you to ensure the present survival and future flourishing of our church and its mission:

Growing in spirit and faith to inspire radical acts of inclusion, justice and lovingkindness.

Please consider raising your pledge this year, if you are able, to help sustain us through the pandemic. Whether it’s extra funds from canceled trips or extra stimulus money, we hope you will consider an increase, even if it is for one year only. Increasing your existing pledge by 10% or more, or increasing your giving by $50, or even $25 per month will go a long way toward keeping our church intact as we see the pandemic through its end. If you were one of our wonderful First Responders last year, who increased your pledge by $1,000 or as a one-year commitment, we hope you will consider maintaining this pledge level in 2022.

We look forward to receiving your pledge form!

Pledge Instructions: