If you have already pledged, thank you! There’s no need to do anything further. If not, please read below:

2024 Annual Pledge Drive
Unitarian Universalist Church of Corpus Christi

We pledge because we love one another, our chalice and all that it stands for, and the very church where we gather. Every pledge is a deed that honors ourselves, those members who gave us this opportunity, and those who will carry what we value into the future. We need you to ensure the present health and future flourishing of our church and its mission:

Growing in spirit and faith to inspire radical acts of inclusion, justice, and lovingkindness.

Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness.”           
Dalai Lama

From the President

My Cherished Community,

We are offering each of you the opportunity to be part of a chain of faith that reaches back to 1954 when a handful of enlightened individuals began what we now call our spiritual home, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Corpus Christi. 

We are now much more than a handful.  We are an established congregation with a proud history and a strong future, self-directed, self-sustaining, and determined to pass the flame of commitment forward to yet another generation.

Though we are not a wealthy congregation, passing the flame does not require financial suffering or hardship.  It does require generosity born of love, pride in being a Unitarian Universalist, and a longing to be part of something much larger than ourselves. 

Our pledge goal of $96,000 will continue to keep our church functioning and flourishing. Please consider increasing your pledge this year if you are able. Your additional generosity will light our way into the future. Increasing your existing pledge by 20%, or increasing your giving by even $25 per month will go a long way toward our church’s health and growth.

I’m asking you to do just one thing:

Sustain the Flame.

In Faith,

Michael Causey, President

Pledge Instructions: