Register Now for the 2021-22 Religious Exploration (RE) Year!
Our Church year has begun! In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made an effort to simplify our offerings with the hope that it makes it easier for families to stay connected and foster relationships with not only our local families but the friends and families in the wider UU community. Our collaborative leaders recognize that our children and youth have become connected to each other over this last year. So we are excited to continue to offer a multi-church online religious education program this fall!

We strive to provide a welcoming space for all. We offer various spiritual elements in each of our virtual gatherings to help foster UU faith development and personal growth. Here at U2C3, our mission states: Growing in spirit and faith to inspire acts of radical inclusion,  justice, and lovingkindness. With this in mind, in our Religious Exploration programs, there is an intentional focus on FUUN and supportive connections that inspire open minds, loving hearts, and helping hands.

If you would like your children or youth to participate in this year’s Religious Exploration programming, please fill out our registration form for your children and youth. This is how we get to know more about you and make sure your family’s needs are met and so we all can stay connected this year and beyond.  We use our registration list to communicate about both current and future offerings. RE Registration is ongoing through the year. 

*U2C3 Membership is not required for registration, but registration is required for participation in Children/Youth RE. The information you provide will NOT be shared with third parties and other information provided about your child(ren) will only be shared with your consent.* 

Children’s Chapel: Our Children’s Chapel is for grades 1st – 4th.  We allow the 4th graders to decide if they want to go to Chapel or Upper Elementary, as they run at the same time. Chapel starts at 9:00 am. This group does not meet on the 5th Sunday of a month.

Upper Elementary: Upper Elementary is for grades 4th – 6th.  We allow the 4th graders to decide if they want to be in the Children’s Chapel or the Upper Elementary group. Both groups run at the same time; 9:00 am. This group does not meet on the 5th Sunday of the month.

Youth Group: Youth Group is for grades 6th – 12th.  This group meets on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesday of each month. The 1st Wednesday is social/game night. The 2nd Wednesday is Spiritual Development.  The 3rd Wednesday is for Social Justice.  The Youth Group starts each class together as a big group, and numbers permitting splits into two Zoom rooms (Jr. High and High School). This group starts at 6:00 pm and runs for an hour.

  • Adult advisors participating in RE programs: Amanda (Chattanooga), Aimee (Eau Claire), Hanna (TX), Jen (Iowa), Mandy (James Reeb), Jen (Iowa), and Miriam (TVUUC)
  • Each virtual room for our children and youth meetings will have two adults minimum.

Each week, while we are apart, Hanna Kiely, Director of Religious Exploration is sending RE Connections for All Ages to all families, with fun activities to do together, resources for helping parents and children, Discussion topics, music, and stories related to our faith tradition. Learn more about our programming and resources here. If you have any questions, please email Hanna Kiely, DRE at