Small Groups


Our church is much more than the Sunday Service!  U2C3 provides several ways to participate in church life as well as finding opportunities for spiritual growth and meaningful service.  We also encourage members to form new and different groups, based on their own shared interests.

We have grouped the current offerings in five categories (plus an events listing) so that the number of opportunities does not overwhelm.  Click on the category name to get a complete listing.

Associated Groups:  Some of our longest standing and most active groups have expanded beyond our membership into the surrounding community.  Yet they still meet at U2C3 and enjoy significant member participation.

Affinity Groups:  These are smaller, less formal, special interest groups.  Participation is fluid and they generally depend only upon a member who is willing to organize the gatherings.

Committees:  These are groups established by our bylaws to facilitate the work of the church.  New members are always encouraged to join a committee and get to know our members and the inner workings of our church in a more meaningful way.

Worship Support:  These are the groups that assist the presentation of the Sunday Services and may also provide entertainment and support for special events.

Religious Education:  RE is not just Sunday School.  There are educational and social opportunities associated with the program.

Special Events:  This is a listing of often-recurring major events, which may or may not be on the calendar for participation in the immediate future.  Please check the church calendar, the newsletter, and the Friday eblast for up-to-date information.  They may be the result of small group work or special task forces.