Our Leaders

This volunteer group of 7, plus the outgoing President, is the executive body of the church, elected each year by the membership. They make decisions regarding institutional stability, the annual budget, and policies and procedures for the effective administration of the church. To be on the Board, you must be a member, which means you have gained basic knowledge of this free-faith tradition, you have signed our historic membership book, and you make and fulfill a financial pledge each year. Board of Trustees 2017-2018 

President Bob Davis
Vice President Kirk Newport
Treasurer Blaze Johnson
Secretary Mark Whitbeck
Trustees-at-Large Bobbie Reed
  Alese Smith

Below is a listing of our staff members.

Key Contacts

Administrator Hanna Kiely
Band Director Joe Pierce
Choir Director Dr. Kimberly Bissell
Director of Religious Education Lauren Cantatore-Causey
Minister The Reverend Christina Hockman
Pianist Alene Burch