Conflict Resolution

Our Conflict Resolution Procedure provides our Guidelines and Suggestions for Success in Resolving Conflicts among us.

In our view, conflict is not a bad thing. We are a diverse congregation and differences will arise among us. Resolution of those differences can lead to new learning and deeper understanding among us. Furthermore, conflict resolution is not new to us. This congregation has had some sort of conflict resolution process for years, albeit not in a written form.

The intention is that this guidance follow such Unitarian Universalist principles as recognizing the dignity of every person, the need for justice and compassion, acceptance of each other, the right of conscience, and the use of democratic processes. Observance of these ideas should provide a responsible approach to resolving disagreement or conflict, whether it be interpersonal, organizational, or policy-related.

The ultimate goal is to help maintain a community in which members feel that they are heard, that their contributions are valued, and that their views are respected. The guidelines also serve a larger purpose, and that is to help maintain the beloved community of memory and hope.