Building Committee – Maintaining the church facilities, including ordering basic supplies, handling simple repairs, floor polishing, and trouble-shooting lighting and heat and air conditioning systems.



FMI:  Bill Randall,



Committee on Ministry – Carefully selected members who serve as a support group for the minister and act as liaisons between the minister and the membership.



FMI:  Ray Rose,


Communications – Coordinating the exchange of church information within the congregation and in the community; supervising church signage, public relations, and advertising.  Website, facebook, newsletter, weekly Friday eblast, and more. 

Occasional, as needed and announced

As announced

FMI:  Deborah Sundermann,



Financial Planning Committee – A combination of the functions of Treasury, Stewardship, and Fund Raising to plan and execute the annual canvass and fund raising events. The treasurer assembles the budget and accounts for income and expenses, the depositor deposits the weekly collection, and cashier pays the bills

Quarterly meetings as announced


FMI:  Margaret Lawrence,



Grounds Committee – Shaping the 5 acre landscape and extensive wild-scape surrounding the church using environmentally sound practices with respect for the natural beauty of the earth.



FMI:  Kirk Newport, 



Hospitality Teams – Providing beverages and associated services for the social time following the Sunday Service. 

Appointed Sundays before and after church service.


FMI:  Jessica Latimer,



Membership Committee – Helping find ways to transition visitors into members and into leaders, making the church a welcoming environment and integrating new life.  Plans and holds quarterly new membership orientations and offers social opportunities to help integrate new members into the congregation.

As announced

As announced

FMI:  Margaret Lucero, 



Nominating and Engagement Committee – Recruit, vet, and recommend members for vacancies in church governing positions and critical committee and task force leadership.



FMI:  Druzy Casper,


Social Action and Community Outreach – Coordinating events to promote justice, equality, tolerance, and the democratic process.  Efforts include:  voter registration, marriage equality march, Martin Luther King march, public screenings of films related to climate change and religious tolerance, and awareness programs, such as the Center for Dialogue.



FMI:  Colin Sykes,



Worship Committee – Collaborating with the minister to create meaningful worship services, including holidays and holy days and intergenerational services.  Responsible for finding speakers to fill the pulpit when the minister has time off.

3rd Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.


FMI:  Joe Pierce,



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